Summer School -2022

دوره دوم مدرسه تابستانه کیان


The 2nd Summer School (2022)


A coaching approach to classroom management
 For pre-service and in-service language teachers 


The second How to teach Summer School is an 4-day event being organized by Kian Language Academy teacher education department for September 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23, with an audience made up of ELT university students, teachers, and teacher trainers. This year, our goal is to cover classroom management and new methods used to manage ELT classrooms. To achieve this goal, we have decided to invite a mentor coach and a neuroscientist along with more than 25 of the best ELT trainer. this program helps us understand how human brain functions and enables the participants achieve deep and professional rapport so as to be able to manage their classes smoothly. This also give them the ability to avoid and possibly resolve conflicts in all our interactions with people as teachers or teacher trainers.




Summer School Tentative Program


Meet our Team


Mohammad RezaTahsin Fallah 


Mahmood Boorboor 




Meet our Keynote Speakers

Sayyed Mohammad Alavi

Mojtaba Mohammadi

Mohammad Hussein Norouzi


Meet our Trainers (in Alphabetical Oder)


Parisa Abbasi

Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadyazdi

Kazem Bikhof

Farhang Bohlol

Mehran Darabi

Negar Ganji

Samaneh Ghaneiarani

Saied Ghiami

Guity Hady

Ehsan Jamali

Pourya Javaheri

Seyyed Hossein Kashef

Mohammad Ali Kowsary

Pardiseh Mofidi

Mojgan Mohammadi Asl

Mohammad Parsa

Mina Qasedi

Majid Rezaee

Bijan Saeidi

Maryamsadat Tabatabaeian

Omid Tale'pour

Mahdi Vafaie Motlagh

Mahdi Yousefiye

Mahsa Zargaran





Fees (Toman):

Online Face to face Type of registration
560.000  799.000  Regular registration
450.000  640.000  For university students & language school teachers
365.000  520.000  Group registration(+3)
280.000  399.000  Kian TEFLers/TESOLers and Summer Schoolers
170.000  240.000  Kian teachers


Registration Types:

1. Online registration:

Regular Registration
(face to face) Register
Register (online)
For university students and language school teachers
(face to face) Register
Register (online)
For group registration (+3)
(face to face) Register
Register (online)
Kian TEFLers/TESOLers and Summer Schoolers
(face to face) Register
Register (online)
Kian teachers
(face to face) Register Register (online)



2. Wiring the fee to Kian's bank account

 You can also register by transferring the fee to card number 5892 1012 4264 9362 and sending the name and the receipt to WhatsApp number 09056996133



هزینه ثبت نام


نوع ثبت نام حضوری آنلاین
ثبت نام عادی 799.000 560.000 
برای دانشجو ها و مدرسین موسسه ها 640.000 450.000
ثبت نام گروهی(+3) 520.000 365.000
کسانی که در دوره های تفل، تسول و یا مدرسه تابستانه کیان شرکت کرده اند 399.000 280.000
مدرسین آکادمی کیان 240.000 170.000


روش ثبت نام

1. آنلاین:

ثبت نام از طریق لینک های موجود در همین صفحه.

2. کارت به کارت :

 پرداخت هزینه به شماره کارت 5892101242649362 به نام کیان پردیس آراد نزد بانک سپه  و ارسال فیش پرداختی

به همراه نام کامل به شماره واتساپ 09056996133.








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